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A digital video advertising agency tailored for social networks. TAGG takes their client’s brand and translates it into something interesting and shareable: "Tell the right story to the right audience and they’re hooked."

Web Design
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The goal was to make the site unique but still buildable on a small budget. TAGG was looking to elevate their game by getting a new website that showcased their work and brand in a more stylish way. Their previous website was a one-page scroll with three case studies, which wasn't a strong enough web presence for the solid work they were putting out there.
Creating a site on a tight budget that exuded the feel and brand their CEO was envisioning, with only a logo to go off of was a bit of a challenge. Because they are a boutique production agency I focused on their founder's vision. Through repeated interviews and client collaboration we were able to develop a web identity that met their high standards of taste.
Success was found in a site design that can be built from the top down: with features that could be altered for more customization in the future. Small details take the site to a higher level to express the future brand guidelines. An animated 'static' background and layered design gives the site a modern "floaty" feel that acts in contrast to the old-school edgy, skater-brand visuals of black and magenta.
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