Mode Modelling

I designed the mobile and web interfaces for Mode Modelling: a user submitted booking app founded by a former Wilhelmina Models scout. This system was used to improve upon the industry standard printed paper model currently in place for talent scouts.

UI Design
mode website
mode web platform
mode mobile app
To replace the out-dated 'card' system that is industry standard. The goal was to create a platform that could source talent reliably on the web rather than sending employees to physically scout events and locations to discover models. The end goal was finding talent more effeciently: with larger potential quanities and further geographical reach using user submission.
One of the larger challenges was creating an interface that serviced both the scout and the talent needs. The design focus was on the profiles: insuring that users would submit properly taken and accuate photos for scouting appraisal. The platform also needed to be be useable both on the go not just on desktop: so responsive design principles were a necessity.
By adding visual guidelines to the camera interface, we were able to get users to submit standarized photos that made finding talent more effective for scouts. By making the submission process easier and regulated, quality assurance on photo submission and profile building improved. As of 2019 the app has over 5000 talent profiles and users.
mode badges