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Nero is a smart jewelry platform for public safety. In appearance it is a pendant necklace: but when activated by it's wearer's touch, it sends out an emergency GPS alert that notifies given contacts and local law enforcement of its location.

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As a startup, the client goals were straigh-forward: set up a visual branding package in place for launch and pitches. They were looking to make a brand that fused a jewelry and technological identity in order to attract customers from both sides. The technology was the trustworthy and pragmatic side of the identity, while the jewelry was the aesthetic.
Besides the challenge of straddling two very different industries and visual expectations for a single brand, a large challenge was that Nero was very much a new company. Initially born from a student project at SFU the brand identity was still very much unformed and murky, meaning the early stages of brand developnment had to be the initial focus.
Through client and customer interviews we were able to generate a set of personas and form a simple brand that could be used for their fundraising process. The result was a brand that balanced the modern feel of wearable tech with the luxurious style found in many jewelry brands.
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