Tangoo is a restaurant discovery app company that takes a user's desired dining experience(s) and pairs them with restaurants that best correspond to those parameteres. I was the creative lead, product manager, and UX designer on this project over 3 years.

UI + UX Design,
Graphic Design
Creative Lead,
Product Manager
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As an on-going project with many sprints; Tangoo had many short-term and long-term goals. My two main goals as the designer were 1) to provide a seamless and easy process for users to find the perfect restaurant for any occasion, and 2) constantly improve the app's user engagement and retention.
Unearthing exactly how people plan their meals and what they value in a dining experience was the first large hurdle with Tangoo. Numerous other challenges had to be overcome with each version we made, but finding the right market niche and discovering what out users valued was the most essential challenge we undertook.
In order to challenge personal assumptions about dining and planning, we utilized numerous focus groups and interviews to build the app's conceptual foundation. with this user experience focus, we increased the app’s MAU numbers from 500 to 3000 in 16 months and improved the user retention rate on all platforms.
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